Irritating Google Ads and why Microsoft is not evil

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well if you hate google ads that clutter whole lot of websites out there, you can add these lines to your host file or /etc/hosts. It will stop Google ads from displaying and will decrease Google's revenues :P.

I bet microsoft had a big chance by adding these entries in windows vista by default and then everybody who uses windows vista wont be able see Google ads.

# [Google Inc] #[Google AdWords] #[urchinTracker] #[Google Analytics] #[Ewido.TrackingCookie.Googleadservices] #[Microsoft.Typo-Patrol] #[Urchin Tracking Module]

Or worst if microsoft decided to really be evil and kill Google, they would have just made these entries in host file with default install of vista and just imagine if you had the following entries in your host file : #[Google AdWords]

-- Now if and 45 IP's owned by Microsoft, they can setup their adcenter (google adsense competitor) to serve ads on bahalf of google and man just imagine how much money they can earn.

But Microsoft didnt do that because they are not evil.

-- Anish


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