Are you putting a backdoor in your software ?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quicken, Yes I am taking about Quicken Financial Software which is being used all over the world, just like microsoft windows and microsoft office, the company "quicken" started to encrypt its quicken customer files with a very strong encryption since 2003 and that made bruteforcing the quicken files impossible and this trent continued till 2007 but they themselves unleshed a product which helps companies using quicken to open the files by removing the encryption.

Now thats a bloody backdoor in a major financial software that is being used by large corporatations and the discovery of this backdoor take all the companies in trouble because elcomsoft, a leader in crypto has cracked the backdoor, so its just a matter of time that people copy your encrypted files and silently open and reaveal your company stuff.

This reminds me of NSA asking microsoft to include a backdoor in its Windows 2000 Operationg System so that they can nab the criminals who use EFS to be secure.

Well, do you guys think microsoft has added something in bitlocker software in Vista ?

-- Anish


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