Google Desktop Search, A much bigger threat

Friday, June 22, 2007

Here again, We all know google means data and that data does not belong to google, its just that google has mastered the art of making big bucks with content owned by others means it aggregates data from different sources very well.

But the data google collects is unmanaged, its not handled with care you might have often seen somebody's passwords were visible in google, somebody's company's contact list was found from google's cache and some private pages where found in search index which cause a lot of harm to companies and individual.

Google desktop, A desktop search tool from google, does not handle data well everything. You see / visit gets recorded even a password protected word file, excel sheets, etc. And when google was not able to control the data they polished and said its a feature but really my friend they presented it to us so well that we people think its great but its actually not true, all the data is un encrypted and visible if you do a simple analysis of the harddrive that had google desktop search involved. I got fascinated after reading this article. Infact as it stores so much data that i am not afraid to give it to my users out that because even if they dont send important office files via email or someother way, they can just create a google account and store everything.. yes i mean everything in google desktop search index to google's servers and then users can go home and silently get everything from cache.
Technology has changed very rapidly and google has made white collar crimes more easier, it even helps terrorists with google earth to spot and plan attack targets. Google is really becoming dangerous and becoming really evil is the next step.


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