Vista Search, Google and Microsoft fight

Friday, June 22, 2007

Why is Google acting as a bitch, Google is undoubtably the best search engine around with more than worlds 60% of searches then why the hell they want to mess with microsoft windows vista's internal desktop search.

Microsoft makes vista and let them keep whatever is default, users can always change it, Google silently filed a antitrust complaint about this and microsoft has already agreed to make changes to vista in SP1 of vista.

But Google has again comeup saying the changes are not enough.

Who the hell is google to decide what microsoft puts in vista, it is their OS, they have build vista desktop search so that they can beat google, Well with this drama going on, I surely feel that Google is scared because of vista's sucess and google is trying to bring down the sales of vista by asking its employees to bitch about vista so that companies dont buy it because if more and more people use vista and get used to the search interface they will not go to google and thats when the microsoft domination will hit google. Because there are still millions of people who are not on the internet who use some sort of windows and if get on to vista bandwagon google will have a hard time, but still google was not able to hit vista's sales so they finally had no option but went the antitrust way because in america you can use bloody anybody for anything.

Google's motto "Dont be evil but fuck with everybody". Microsoft is anyways irritated due to google getting into everything and now this time its directly attacking, beware Eric last time ballmar threw a chair this time maybe something big will becoming.

Lets see how far this antitrust war goes, every dog has its day to is google's very soon the tides will turn and microsoft will give a big blow or maybe somebody else will hit google badly, after all google's only cash cow is adsense.

I hope google does not close my blogger account after reading this.

* I am not an employee or relative of microsoft.

-- Anish


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