OOXML as a Standard - No WAY

Friday, August 31, 2007

Microsoft OOXML is being voted out as an ISO standard, Microsoft is playing all tricks to get their document format approved so that their Office package sells, A Manger at Microsoft offered monetary compensation to a few Swedish companies to vote in favor of Microsoft so that OOXML becomes a standard.

Who Cares ? I use OpenOffice I suggest everybody should use OpenOffice for Personal use and Business if you are working in a disconnected environment but incase of domain environment with document sharing service with other folks in the enterprise like sharepoint portal, I think MS Office Package rules, its fast and with lots of features and has excellent package for complete collaboration but the down side is the file size of doc is much larger than that of ODT, ODT is OpenDocument Text Standard used by OpenOffice.
I recently did some benchmarks and ODT wins in my tests because I used Text templates, Internal Links, Images etc in a Policy which I recently made. The document was around 78 Pages, the size of Microsoft Document (DOC) format when complete was 721.6 KB and the size of the document in Open document format (ODT) was just 71.1 KB.

Microsoft stores all the crap in the document which I dont like and recommend because that is very dangerous when somebody is doing forensics investigation of your machine, you can get screwed up big time. ODT has far better markup and simple syntax encapsulated in XML files which are then zipped for lossless compression that makes the file text viewable and small size. The plus point of ODT is you can use any word processor to open/save Open Document format. For. eq. OpenOffice, AbiWord, kOffice, StarOffice and Online Word Processors like Google Docs, Zoho, ThinkFree and lots more. OpenDocument has a specification of 600 pages and Microsoft's OOXML specification is of 6000 Pages and best of all I can create my own Word Processor with Open Document support and nobody can sue me and with all the features that i like, Private Encryption Algorithms, The Possibilities are just endless with Open Standards.

As for now I have completely moved to OpenOffice 2.0 and Open Document and going to stick with it.

-- Anish


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