Bank of India - New Home for Malware

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bank of India was hit by a hack attack and the website was serving malware and spyware of more than 8 types and that contained backdoors and trojans. The point here is all the malware loaded on their website was effective only if you are on an unpatched windows box which 90% of indians are using. Nobody in india updates their OS or browser, dont use security tools like like antivirus or anti spyware like .. Adware Antispyware or Windows Defender. Infact they dont even update virus / spyware signatures and even if people want to update their windows installations they cannot do it because they are using pirated version of the OS.

The best thing is your machine will not get infected of such attacks if people just drop the pirated software that they are using and use linux which is free, Try these Linux distributions, Ubuntu, OpenSuse or Fedora.

I am waiting for more reports on the Bank of India' server's analysis but I am sure their servers were not patched and were not locked down properly. I am willing to do a forensics analysis for free :)

-- Anish


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