How do you screw up a FAINT ?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What is FAINT, Forensic Assessment Interview and Integrated Interrogation Technique.

This test helps the investigator understand the suspects behavior with his non-verbal, verbal and physical responses. The format of the test is such that it makes a suspect make movements which gives the investigator very crucial clues if the person is lying or tying to hide anything. Take for example, Truthful people are a little more talkative, helping and will try to narrow the scope of investigation, On the other hand a guilty person will be deceptive, he will try to pass the buck, mislead the investigation and try to take the conversation to an open end or just sparks off a open ended discussion.

Now the idea is not how to take a FAINT test or how to pass it but if you have a little bit of knowledge of social engineering, I can assure you can be deceptive and make friends with the investigator even though you are the person who did that crime.

I am thinking on the lines that an investigator knows that if a person "starts to scratch his nose" when asked a direct question and then takes his eyes away from the investigator which means the person knows something but is hiding details, But if a person who is not guilty and is asked a direct question he answers it normally and gives his insight also. Now what if a guilty person already knows the actions that are done by innocent people and just imitates them in fact does a little more than that and that can be a killer combination.

If an investigator puts a direct question with some evidence something like, "We got your shoe print near the crime scene". Now the immediate reaction should like, "uh yah you might have because i was looking for a working payphone and was wandering during that hour and i know it does not mean i am not guilty but that also does not mean i am guilty", when saying this the person stops for a few seconds as if you saw somebody doing a crime but then say "But it was all empty at that time, no one was around" and try to give helpful insights but don't rule out the possibility that you might be the man he is looking for.

All in all its all the game of deception, Quick thinking, A reason for everything can take your places.

-- Anish


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