Supercomputers.. Yummy..

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wipro Infotech, the India, Middle East and Asia Pacific IT business unit of Wipro Ltd, on Wednesday announced the launch of Wipro Supernova, a range of supercomputers and superstorage in India.

Supernova includes a complete range of supercomputers with an entry level configuration delivering one trillion mathematical calculations per second going up to hundred thousand trillions of calculations per second and superstorage scaling to multiple hundred petabytes, company officials said.

Hmm.. Cool, I did some research a while back on supercomputers and taking advantage of parallel processing but didn't really takeoff due to resource crunch.. By the way is wipro hiring for supernova ?

Just imagine what can be done with that much computing power, buy terabyte of bandwidth and point at root dns servers.. lol

-- Anish


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