4 mumbai suspects held in surat

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Four persons, including a woman whose identities are suspected to be similar to the sketches of people who had carried out reconnaissance of five sensitive spots in Mumbai have been detained in Surat, the police said in Mumbai on Saturday. Read here

This is nothing new.. Surat has always been a quite target and played roles in planning phase because of its very close distance to mumbai. when the bars in mumbai were shutoff. the bargirls used to travel to surat to get business. Even if you see a few months back 45 people from chota rajan's gang were held from a resort, strict security checks in mumbai make surat more vulnerabile to crime because criminals can easily move their base around mumbai and the most lovely factor of surat is way of living is very much like mumbai and ofcourse.. there's lot of money in surat.

- Anish


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