Commit a crime and delete the evidence

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is good, First commit the crime no matter what happens, It can be done for getting competitive edge or just to for pleasure or motivation to do it and then destroy the evidence so that nobody finds out what the hell happened, these days tools are to so easy to acquire that every evidence can be destroyed with leaving any or very little trail. Here's one case where such time of evidence wiping got public.

"The parent of go! airlines said yesterday its chief financial officer, Peter Murnane, accidentally erased data relating to a pending court case when he was deleting pornographic material from his work computers.

Hawaiian Airlines is suing Mesa Air Group for allegedly using confidential Hawaiian Airlines business information to launch Mesa's low-cost interisland carrier go! last year.

But Mesa says any deletion was not intentional and they have copies of the deleted files.

"He (Murnane) was cruising on adult Web sites," said Mesa attorney Max Blecher in a court hearing yesterday. Murnane was just trying to delete the porn sites, he said.

Blecher added that Mesa has copies. "There was no destruction or spoilation," he said. Continued... "

-- Anish


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