Microsoft to acquire, are you ready ?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ballmer said Microsoft is looking to acquire more companies and now that will push all the small companies to start pumping resources into their any* stupid venture and will try to be more visible into VC circles, companies do anything to get more visible like get into some self created trouble(MMS remember ?), distribute their cards to everybody when they go out (nomatter to whomso ever), do small scale ads near VC offices and near Big companies offices so that they become a little visible, they also SPAM(Yes they do). But now as google is already acquiring 1 company a week and microsoft is looking for more acquisitions, We can expect to see Press releases for the new coffee machine in small offices.

To get acquired a solid technology is required not just visiblity there are many more things that go into an acquisition specially the attitude. I met a guy who had a small website for playing games online, his site got acquired for by a local company(guess the name) in india, although it was a small acquisition with small amount of money around 3 -4 cr. One tip he gave me was, never think of getting acquired before launching something. You loose focus and that ultimately leads to disasters and I think 98% of companies think of that (chicken and eggs).

Microsoft is surely going to come in big way be in US , India or any other market but are indian companies really worth getting acquired ? Nobody except Zoho, I think.

Well Lets wait and Watch.

-- Anish


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