Mind Reading Patent

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Microsoft has applied for a patent to read minds of people and they want to do this for behavioural study, Microsoft says when people are asked a series of questions and next time you ask them the same questions they usually give different answers and you never know that is the truth, now the best thing to get the correct answer is to read directly from the minds of the people. They have developled a technology to filterout the un-important data from the electroic signals sent by the brain, they are using electroencephalograms (EEGs) for the same.

Microsoft has come up with a method for filtering EEG data in such a way that it separates useful cognitive information from the not-so-useful non-cognitive stuff. The company hopes that the data will better enable to them to design user interfaces that people find easy to use. Whether users will want Microsoft reading their brain waves is another matter altogether.

Micorsoft Moto with this patent : "all your brain belong to us"

-- Anish


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