Dont trust anybody for SECURITY, not even Hush

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I have been a fan of hushmail for the simple reason it allowed me to use pgp encryption embedded in their webmail, ofcourse the worst thing is for free accounts they offer only 2 mb of mail storage but still, for specific reasons it gets the work done ( you get it right ;) ).

All the setup and configuration is done on the server side and it looks so good to the eye but I always had a hint that those idiots do store my private keys and passphrase so that incase trouble mounts they can submit the emails to the law enforcement agency and get out of the hassel, Now as per wired they have already handed over more than 2 cds worth of emails to the government.

A simple reason for me to move to desktop Openpgp was storage and more control over my email encryption needs but i think, I am more secure with my charlie rather than with hushmail.

Damn, Nobody can be trusted with internet security.

-- Anish


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