Firefox 3 Beta 1 is out

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I have been using firefox 3 alpha since last 2 months, I am happy with the speed it offers but till a certain extent it didnt work well, ofcourse it was alpha version. But the latest beta release looks promising with lots of features and memory leak issues fixed.

Here's what you can expect from this release.

- antivirus software integration
- phishing protection through web site identity verification
- better handling of plugins and support for Vista parental controls
- file downloader has finally been improved, and it now enables download resuming (I’ve been waiting for this one for years)
- plugins are now managed better with the add-on manager
- web pages can be bookmarked with a single click and tagged with a double click
- Smart Places folder, which appears in your bookmarks toolbar, allows for better organization and easy browsing of tagged, bookmarked and frequently visited pages

-- Anish


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