Indiatimes - Another Crap

Monday, November 12, 2007

Indiatimes has been on a downside for quite sometime now, An un-ordinary website with extraordinary ads. It looks filthly and even after the new redesign it looks more filthy.

The only thing they focus is to mint money out of its users and not necessary how, their website however now also contained lots and lots of crap like spyware, trojans and worms.

I used to like when they first launched but then they lost focus and now see where they are. Website infected with hell lots of spyware etc. This attack seems to be very similar in terms of the one a few months back to an indian bank but with more nasties than the bank attack.

Dont know if it was actually done by somebody or was it just itself wanted to earn more money by selling trojans and spyware as Q3 is usually a slow quarter in india and to meet deadlines they did that.

-- Anish


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