Osama is in India - AAJTAK

Friday, December 28, 2007

This was the headlines of a leading news channel in india, AAJTAK, This is a excellent case of deceptive marketing, they are using social engineering because we all know OSAMA is still hot. I knew there was something wrong because only aajtak said in breaking news (osama is in india). however when you watch the news.. it was a mad elephant who killed 6 people. Bloody AAJTAK are we morons like you ? Stop deceiving with catchly lines, you bloody bastards.

If you cant get some news, DONT Create news out of stupid things and everytime you ask a question and before the person answers something you say.. we will see what he has to say after the break, "please dont go" Screw you!!!

I have removed AAJTak News channel from my TV so even if you go thru all the channels you wont find aajtak. I would recommend everybody to stop viewing AAJTAK, What a shame they have they are a news channel who shows the shooting of new movies for 2 hours staight, they dont have anything to do.

AAJTAK was very good when they launched but now they are just a bunch of morons who should be avoided for every reason. So please feel free to remove and even ask your friends to stop watching AAJTAK NEWS CHANNEL.




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