Doing Identity theft in India is very easy

Saturday, January 26, 2008

We've often heard of all sorts of identity thefts in USA and other western countries but rarely heard of such identity thefts happening in India, except for some notorious call centre staff using credit card data and sale of information

Laptops containing personal records and data of hundreds and thousands of people gets stolen or lost from agencies like Ernest and Young etc.. But rejoice people whose data gets lost atleast they get to know about the theft when you are not in India.

Now what about india ? Well Indians dont care even if their personal data gets stolen or lost because of lack of awareness of CyberLaw in india or maybe why take all the hassel and infact people dont even know the consequenses of Identity theft.

Now let me tell you why i am talking about all this. I recently got a new airtel connection and ofcourse as per the law made by TRAI. I have submitted all the document proofs like Passport size photo, PAN Card, Passport and house electricity bill.

Now all was well until now but recently I got a call from Bajaj Alliance Life insurance company to buy insurance, now this is a very new connection how can they identify me directly ? how did those telecallers get my name, address and other details ?

Well, I tried a little social engineering trick to continue the talk and showed more interest in buying insurance and finally during those talks I slipped a few questions about how they got my details etc.. and they say it comes with the DATA BANK.

Bajaj Allianz has a Data Bank dept. that gets all this data and finally after a few conversations, I came to know that Bharti Airtel is the cellular provider who sold my information to them and infact Bharti Airtel will sell it to anybody who wants it. This data comes in excel sheets which contains data of all the people like name, address, their credit limit, their bill payment history their bill amounts etc so after looking at all this information. Anybody who wants to do some malacious attacks can take advantage and screw up other peoples reputation.

Bharti Airtel sells customer information and database for money!!

Bharti Airtel is not just a single company who is selling your complete information for a few bucks but there are many other companies who are doing it which has to stop.

Take care when you submit your personal documents to any bank agents etc becauase there have been cases where the person never got a credit card but only the bill of 40K for his credit card which he has not even seen.

So the bottom line is companies operate to make money does not matter how they make money it can be providing services or selling your data to other companies so that the telecallers can take away your peace of mind and call you to sell everything they have.

So always take care when dealing with your personal data or any information be as paranoid as possible and when you get calls from telecallers abuse them to your hearts content. I have actually recorded a mp3 with every possible badword and just ask the telecaller to hold for a second and start playing it.

It does not matter to whom you are giving your data, Cellular company or a Bank, all milk money from your details, So never buy anything from telecallers infact abuse them.

-- Anish


Rajesh said...

I got a new airtel connection and i am tired of answering calls from marketing people to sell me credit cards and personal loans, i have already dumped airtel in favor of bsnl.

Anonymous said...

We are a victim of Bajaj Alianz even when we are not associated with it.
On December 25 2009 my father receives a call from an unknown person (calling himself as Chaudhary) from an unknown place who claim that my father has taken a cheque of Rs.12000 in name of Bajaj Allianz policy as an agent of Bajaj Allianz (when we are not even associated with Bajaj Allianz). As per him my father had been there at his place and took 12000 cheque, and threatened us to give back the money. When my father cross questioned him he was not able to provide any details, but still kept threatening. Now it means that people disguising as Bajaj Allianz agents have started this new business of looting people with other people's name and identities. How come that opposite person has our phone number and only spelling of surname, neither does he know first name nor our other social details. Also how can one give away cheque to some one without even investigating the agent's authenticity. How can some one give my father's name (sorry only surname) and get a cheque.
Its not just Fraud but even a case of extortion, identity theft and defamation...
Who is that person chaudhary who claims to have met my father and gave him a cheque (and claim that its a last year's cheque and asking policy number now).
This is a new type of crime emerging where common people's identity is used and targeted for frauds.
Now we dont know whom to SUE Bajaj Allianz or that unknown person whom we dont even know?

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