Microsoft welcomes 2008 with security issues

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Finally, As you all know I am an avid user and promoter of linux for desktop and unix for Servers but there is no instance where you can avoid microsoft, Well they are just too big to ignore and too good to get hacked :P

Well, here are some serious issues with microsoft software and you need to patch up your systems and also have an indept defense.

1) IGMP Flaw in Microsoft Windows - Rated Critical and can give full admin access to a remote attacker

2) LSASS Flaw again in Microsoft Windows - Rated Important and this too can help to elevate your privileges on a machine

3) MBR Rootkit again affects all microsoft windows operating system that includes VISTA, Well Even your antivirus or antispyware cannot help with this type of malware because it gets written into your Master boot records and gets started to execute way before your operating system boots up or buddy you are at great risk, Watch out symantec and other security solutions providers for defense solutions to this risk.

So time to switch to linux ?

Good Day!

-- Anish


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