Antivirus site hit by Malware ? Free Publicity Stunt buddy

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Web site for Indian antivirus vendor AvSoft Technologies has been hacked and is being used to install malicious software on visitors' computers, security researchers said last week.

There are many speculations about how it was hacked to server malware which includes Iframe attack, A SQL Injection attack or some PHP vulnerability. Securing your webservers is not an easy task, you harden it and some new attack vector comes up and you are constantly playing cat and mouse game with the bad folks.

But was this attack good for AvSoft, YES because they got Free Publicity.

I had never heard about them but they are here in news from nowhere, maybe they themselves planted that to get publicity, Well its better to have negative publicity than having nothing. Recently such an attack happened on an Indian bank and well we all have forgotten it now so they might have thought to get some cheap publicity by the same tactics.

This can be said as perfect example of Mass Social Engineering!

Think about it!!!

-- Anish


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