Microsoft SkyDrive gets even with Xdrive

Friday, February 22, 2008

Windows Live SkyDrive, a free online storage service from Microsoft just increased the space from 500MB to 5GB. They now provide 5 GB which is the same as offered by AOL XDrive.
One drawback for skydrive is file upload, only 5 files at a time can be uploaded from web interface.

A Desktop client which makes file upload and download easier like Xdrive would really be cool and microsoft can get an headsup and get ahead of google before they release Gdrive aka platypus.

-- Anish


alecmilinazzo said...

microsoft still has to go long way, i am seeing a lot of adoption of skydrive but it is still missing some critical features like online backup and sync, if microsoft can get this product right then google platypus will surely get a setback initially

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