Microsoft to wants to acquire yahoo for $45 Billion -- WOW

Friday, February 1, 2008

Man.. thats awesome.. if this deal goes through microsoft will make the biggest acquisition in history. I know yahoo is currently going through a bad time competing with Google but well this deal will give hell lot of competition to google. I know even if you combine msn search and yahoo search still they dont stand some where near google but it will be a good head start for microsoft.

As i am writing this Microsoft is underway a conference call with yahoo. This is going to be big man.. microsoft why dont you acquire me too :P

It makes me think that if this merger happens then what platform will microsoft run because yahoo has always been acquiring companies with all sorts of technology, yahoo runs freebsd, linux and solaris, after this acquisition will microsoft keep those machines up ? will this acquisition make microsoft not just a windows company but also technology company.

So expect microsoft to be a technology company than just a windows company because transition from *nix to windows for so many applications is not going to be easy.

-- Anish


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