Update 1: Yahoo to acquire video sharing site Maven Networks

Friday, February 1, 2008

Ah cool.. Yahoo is going to acquire Maven networks which is a video sharing startup. What will be result of this acquisition ?

More video sharing startups.

When yahoo acquired Flickr even then we saw hell lot of photo sharing sites spawning up but then slowly most of them phased out because google didnt acquire them.

Well I dont understand why yahoo is acquiring them because it is easier to build and be in control of what you do than just buying something which you didnt make and most of the time integrating the different enviournments is a big headache than just creating the one which you have, you build and posses.

Tip for yahoo: Why don't you just go ahead and build video's sharing in flickr itself and build not buy!

Updated : I went through maven.net and i guess they do deserve to be acquired, they are not just a video sharing site but offer much more than video sharing, Platform for advertising via video, Internet TV. Overall I would say a good company to acquire but still i believe in building than buying :P

-- Anish


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