Airtel to deliver Google Hosted Apps to Airtel customers

Monday, March 31, 2008

Airtel Telemedia Services, India’s “largest private broadband and telephone service provider,” has announced its launch of a new Web portal ( in partnership with Google, who will be co-branding the effort. The company’s customers “will receive free access” to the software solutions held within the Google Apps suite, according to UNI.

Airtel broadband customers will get access to Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and a customizable start page, all within the portal environment. UNI also mentioned that Airtel has signed deals with companies like,, and 24×7guru.

The Offering is not new, all the features are already availiable to Gmail users, its just that you get but why do you want it if you anyways have access to gmail and google apps if you own a domain name.

All in all it is still useless because the major flaw Google Hosted Apps have is the url still redirects it to partner pages which does not give a corporate look, it looks cheap, so till google fixes this, I don't think it has any commercial value.

Oh yeah, It is the same Bharti Airtel that sells your personal details to other companies so they can sell you credit cards and home loans.

-- Anish


Rajiv said...

good for google but very much useless for airtel users, they should better make call rates cheaper than give google $50 per user

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