Apple is cool but slow too

Friday, March 28, 2008

Yes, Apple products are cool, We know IPod, IPhone and the Shiny Mac OS, but Apple lacks behind Microsoft in releasing and patching its products and apple had more medium to high risk security bugs in its software than Microsoft, considering there are hell lot of products from Microsoft than apple, they are surely doing a shady job at security.

Microsoft products had about 658 vulnerabilities and Apple products had 738. Microsoft is getting good at security and their much touted SDLC but the cool marketing campaigns from Apple just rock and make sure that they insult Microsoft every time but this time apple failed.


PK said...

Name one virus in the wild for Mac that self propagate...

Vulnerability? please, how many Macs you know are compromised as spambots.

Anonymous said...

Have you been insane long?

Anonymous said...

"Apple lacks behind Microsoft in releasing and patching its products"
Yeah, like the timely way that Longhorn (Vista) was rolled out?

Lets see, there are how many tens of thousands of viruses and spyware affecting Windows and um, so far 0 affecting OS X? Your logic puzzles me.

Ani said...


This study says that Apple had more vulnerabilities in its software than Microsoft and yes Microsoft was quick to patch them and Apple did a lousy job in patching those bugs.

Apple is surely not suffering from viruses and spambots due to the FreeBSD/UNIX codebase but there is a high possibility in the near future.

According to me why will people running botnets go behind the 2-3% of Computer users who use MAC when they can infect 85% of Windows users and even if they get 10% of them its a huge number.

- Anish

Ani said...


The study surely does not say that apple lacks behind in releasing new products, but yes it does highlight that apple is slow at patching the existing vulnerabilities, just for instance Safari 3.1 had to fix 13 security issues, it is no doubt a super fast browser but apple is slow in issuing updates.

- Anish

Anonymous said...

Anish, Don't you have some MacSux T-shirts that need pressing, or some aliens to kill, or some patches to install?

Ani said...

Oh yeah, I do have to install Safari 3.1 update, Let me go ahead and do it.

- Anish

Anonymous said...

More Anti-Apple FUD.

There have been lots of "studies" damning the Mac's security-- usually sponsored by companies who sell add-on virus-checking software. Plenty of proof-of-concept exploits produced in labs, but where are the horrible outbreaks?

Maybe Apple could be faster responding to potential threats. Nevertheless, historically, Mac users haven't suffered the malware problems of Windows users. The vast majority of Mac users take no extra precautions and have had zero problems.

Some have claimed that the Mac's lower market share makes it a less attractive target. If so, then all the better. In spite of the recent throng of switchers, Macs won't be overtaking Windows in the foreseeable future, given Microsoft's entrenchment in business.

Bottom line: These days, you're still better off with a Mac. Call me when things change.

Anonymous said...

you have point but unbuntu rules and its free.

let me know if u want a trial cd

Jamie said...

Even Mac has a virus check it here

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