Appleś MacOS first to get owned before Windows and Linux

Friday, March 28, 2008

Nobody was able to hack into the systems on the first day of the contest when contestants were only allowed to attack the computers over the network, but on Thursday, the rules were relaxed so that attackers could direct contest organizers using the computers to do things like visit Web sites or open e-mail messages.

Within 2 minutes, Miller directed the contest's organizers to visit a Web site that contained his exploit code, which then allowed him to seize control of the computer, as about 20 onlookers cheered him on.

According to contest rules hackers could only take advantage of software that was preinstalled on the Mac, so the flaw he exploited must have been accessible by, or possibly inside, Apple's Safari browser.

The contest was organised by TippingPoint and Apple is yet to release a fix.

Windows is not the only operating system vulnerable, this shows every piece of software is vulnerable and software is secure only till it is not exploited.


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