Data Seepage

Friday, March 7, 2008

What is Data Seepage ?

"Information that is broadcast or available via simple inquiry or spoofing that may not by itself seem critical but become more important as pieces of a larger puzzle".

To make things simple Data Seepage can also be called as a passive form of social engineering, the reason is it helps you get the information that will help you to launch further attacks on your victim.

What happens in a Data Seepage attack is when you computer joins a network it performs hell lot of actions like connecting to shared drives, accessing your company intranet homepage or your myspace account which can be used to further launch a series of targetted against you.

A very cool tool which is used to launch Data Seepage Attack is ferret. It is basically a sniffer but captures only the data that can be used to launch further attacks..

-- Anish


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