Guy and Steve Ballmer talk

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am sure you would have seen Guy Kawasaki interviewing Steve Ballmer, This was one of the best interview I have seen, Guy actually made Steve openup in a very familiar and friendly manner. Steve did agree on the mistakes Microsoft has made and how bad they were but they are constantly changing and even Guy agreed that Microsoft has change a lot.

Guy is also now not happy because Steve Ballmer kind of broke his Macbook Air but hey what do you expect from a competitor and he didn't even have a chair to throw at you so atleast something was bound to happen :P. I guess a broken MacBook Air was the price Guy paid for torturing Steve Ballmer.

But the bottom line is Guy Kawasaki and Steve Ballmer both did rock, I am just worried about the person who suggested that Guy Kawasaki should interview Steve Ballmer - Now that is career limiting :P

Guy runs a venture capital firm called Garage Ventures and to get to know his views on how to get funding for your startup, As per him people who bastards and morons who do bad practices and feeling great about it don't really get funding. So when going for funding don't lie, make sure your product is far more better, much more scalable and ofcourse a great technology and its their business those guys are going to invest in your company they infact know more than you.

You can listen to the audio of raising capital by Guy Kawasaki.


-- Anish


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