How to make fake fingerprints and bypass biometric security systems

Monday, March 31, 2008

Hundreds of Biometric security devices use human fingerprints as their main authentication, There are multiple vulnerabilities known in those softwares already. For Eq. My favorite way to bypass fingerprint security was to "blow air" with full force on the flat fingerprint reader where previously an authorized user had accessed but this attack soon got phased out because the fingerprint reader's started to be shipped with sliding lock so that the fingerprint marks don't stay on the upper layer of the reader.

But there are still many ways to bypass such systems for example cloning the fingerprint itself because if you are successful in cloning the most critical component, security of the whole system can be compromised.

Read the paper here to know how to make fake fingerprints.

You are of course responsible for your actions!

-- Anish


Anonymous said...

Thats bloody scary

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