Scared of Keyloggers ?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

You go to cyber cafe and understand that you cant do much to save your usernames and passwords from the keyloggers already installed on the cafe machine, the best of all here's a tool that will help you safeguard your typed keys.

Essentially, you type your password by clicking each button on the keyboard of this application (with your mouse). Your password will appear, letter by letter, in the text box at the bottom of the window (within a “******” password mask). Select the text with your mouse and then drag-drop it onto the password box on your online form. That’s it!


  • You don’t use your keyboard (keyloggers cannot record the password)
  • The utility changes width and height each time, as well as its placement on the screen (to fool mouse-loggers, buttons will always be in different positions each time you use the program)
  • Nothing is stored in the clipboard (clipboard loggers cannot save the password).
  • You can use upper-case letters and symbols (such as !@#${}) by pressing the CAP button - no matter how complex your password is, the utility can type it.
  • …and now the last pressed key is not highlighted at all (minor bug fix from previous version).

Download it here.


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