Google wants to get dirty with over the cloud database service

Friday, April 4, 2008

There have been some speculations that Google is going to launch BigTable over the cloud for developers to get database access for their Web Applications, as for now it is being compared to Amazon's service SimpleDB but as we all know Google is trying to hit Microsoft everywhere possible like Microsoft Office with Google Apps, Microsoft Sharepoint with Google Sites and recently Microsoft announced at the Mix 08 show that they are going to launch SQL Server Services over the cloud for developers. So this announcement from Google should not be a shock as Microsoft is pushing very hard to beat Google and surely Google is facing the heat from microsoft so just like Microsoft does everything why not Google can do it to put some pressure on MS.

Google is already the information power house for users but now their developments of stepping into enterprise and business houses is surely a threat because the data will be in the cloud and you never know what is happening with your business data.

Google punch line should be changed from "Don't be evil" to "We are getting evil"


Anonymous said...

Ballmer got another reason to throw a chair

Anonymous said...

google apps is a failure, we use it and feel switching back to exchange and live messener

it is not worth the money

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