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Thursday, April 3, 2008

There is a lot more to insider threat and it is surely one hot topic that gets sidelined by the Security ManagerÅ› because they have other priorities and more over they always feel that employees will be good, the stealthiness of insider threats is so vast that it is almost impossible to detect and even unrealistic to do at times.

The hacks that your employees do usually go unnoticed because you are usually busy monitoring the ¨Out to In¨ network traffic than the ¨In to In¨ traffic.

Today, I read this article on insider threats ¨Looking Through the Wrong End of the Telescope¨ by Allan. It is surely a must read because somewhere or the other the problem of insider threats get sidelined or goes unnoticed and it is a real big issue which security mangers are going to be dealing with everyday knowingly or unknowingly.


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