MSN Live Messenger Error code 80048820 and Extended code 80048416

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I was killing myself over this freaking problem, trying to connect to Live Messenger from my box and it would always tell me that there was an error in connecting, The error code it used to throw was 80048820 and extended error code 80048416, all over the forums and blogs there is a simple solution to "Clear and revoke the security certificate" but that solution just does not work, there was surely something else because I was still not getting thru, I changed the time and date and deleted Live messenger configuration files and still thanks to Microsoft it didn't work.

During all this mess, I was still able to connect with Pidgin so I finally thought of giving Live Messenger a last try and viola, I somehow figured out that it uses SSL 2.0 to authenticate and that is the reason it had stopped working because SSL 2.0 was unchecked
in my IE 7.0 browser settings.

I just checked this box and it re-started it and I was immediately able to connect to Live Messenger. Check out the image below for the setting in IE 7.0

During all this troubleshooting time even my Yahoo Messenger was not working and after this config. change, even Yahoo! started to work, probably Yahoo! is surely a good buy for microsoft, they all have the same problems.


Usman said...

Thanks a lot for that simple and useful info. Good Work!

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