Stop tailgating of Social Engineers from Smokers Area

Sunday, April 20, 2008

An excellent trick for Social Engineers is to get access to an office or a building is by going inside from the Smokers Area. Social engineers can easily create a fake Identity card but still to get through the main door is a little risky because they get challenged by a Proximity Control or a fingerprint access control so it becomes a little difficult to get in and also this can flag it to others specially physical security.

So smokers area is a good place to get access into an office building but what are the defenses against it ?

A few points for defenses against tailgating of social engineers from smokers area:

1) No Smoking in the backyard.

2) Declare your office as a no-smoking zone (some exceptions like terrace,etc)

3) Dedicate balcony on the office floor for smokers which has access from the inside but not from the outside.

4) Declare no smoking on the ground floor.

5) If your office is a building without balcony, ask your employees to use the Terrace for smoking.

6) Add extra safety signs in the smoking area, let them feel uneasy about people around them and challenge if something looks amiss.

7) Access control with a proximity card, Make it mandatory for all employees to use their own cards to get into the balcony or outside the balcony, the idea can be implemented by if one person as gone out to the balcony without swiping his card inside he cannot use the same card to get into the office from the balcony he has to be escorted and that is a little pain but surely this two-way swipe can do the trick even if somebody can get out he cannot come in and visa-versa.

Do drop in your own tips and tricks to vend off social engineers.


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good tips

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please check your email.

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