China is a growing cyber threat to India

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We have seen it all over the place, Chinese hackers attacking US government systems but recently some interesting attack patterns from China has come to notice, the Chinese are not just attacking US they are even attacking India, they are attacking Indian government systems as well as Private systems.

As per a senior government officials the attacks are not the typical script kiddie type, they are more sophisticated and complete.

The top attacks identifies against Indian systems are Bots, Key loggers and Mapping of networks. Well anywhere you go these are the top 3 attacks around the world so it is nothing new but yes what Indian Government is not really thinking about is the "Targeted Attacks", they need to have proper Defense in Depth and Intelligence about the targeted attacks campaign because those attacks are more scary and India can be a victim if the same baboo attitude is carried on.

The article was published by Times Of India.


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