Lifting hard cash from a Bank - Caught on camera

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hard cash was stolen from Standard Chartered Bank in India during the day and the irresponsible cashier was no where to be seen and this guy thought of taking the opportunity and took the cash kept on the cashiers table.

What are the mistakes from the bank ?

1) No one was around, Not even the cashier who should be always be there everytime.
2) Why didnt they keep money locked in a drawer ? why on the table it self.
3) There has to be a glass seperating the cashier and the client, very little space should be there so that only money can slide in or out, NOT THE WHOLE HAND.
4) Security cameras caught the man but why aren't they security camera's monitored in realtime ?
5) They need to a lot more security.
6) Did u notice that the computer was running with the Finance software, Now a guy with nobody around an unlocked computer and lots of money.. I will let you guess what else could have been done if that was a malicious computer user.

Mistake from the guy ?

1) Stupidity - Didn't cover his face :P
2) Learn some ethics but I don't blame him.. anybody would have done it anyway.

I know its not a Technology Fraud but some thing are worth watching and learning from them oh Yes, Did I just say that it is a good tip for Social Engineers to make sure they operate away from the Security Cameras or they might end up on some Blog like this guy.

Check out the Feeds Captured from the Security Cameras.


Anonymous said...

wow, that was quick but a little stupid on that guys part.

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