Shuttle Columbia's hard drive data recovered from crash site

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is surely an amazing Data Recovery...

The device was so thoroughly damaged in the shuttle's fiery crash that it just looked like a cracked "hunk of metal" when it appeared at their door six months later. The data recovery specialists have recovered around 99% of the information stored on the charred 400MB Seagate hard drive's 2.5-in. platters. The device was found in a dried up lake bed along the shuttle's debris area.

The scientists had done lot of experiments in the atmosphere and all the data was intact in the hard drive and it was recovered. The devices were badly damaged and burned but still the folks managed to recover the data.. meanwhile there were 2 more hard drives but they were so badly burnt that recovering data from them was almost impossible.

It does not matter how the data was recovered but this surely makes a point that what ever you do.. The Data is still there.. it just needs the right skill and the attitude.

Check out the pics of the hard drive.


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