US AirForce wants a Botnet

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ah, this is interesting US AirForce wants to fight hackers with their own medicine, they want to build a next-generation war fighting tool. They want to build a botnet so that whenever they want they can attack enemy networks and shut them off with DDoS attacks.

Ofcourse they have the weapons to combat enemies physcially but in terms of scaling digitally they dont have much of power unless they build something this and a secret guarded botnet network can be used for multiple purposes rather than just shutting down enemy networks but what makes me wonder is, what if a spammer get hold of their botnet network and starts sending spamming ?
What if hackers get access to the botnet and start launching DDoS against US government computers and one major concerns, how are they going to built those networks, will those be military machines or they will go nasty and exploit machines to built a botnet (this is unlikely) but they way US AirForce wants to have access to any machine anytime, build botnets, they can go to any extent.

But lets hope for the best and see how their botnet fairs against the Chinese Cyberwar threat,


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