No spying on employees then what about Insider Threats

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Federal court in San Francisco recently limited the ability of employers to obtain e-mails and text messages sent by employees on company-financed accounts.

Most of the companies save their employees emails communications and most of them even scan for stop words like "Confidential", "Secret" or "not to be shared" in Real Time and review all those emails that hit the defined criteria.

According to the new court ruling this also gives all government workers 4th Amendment protection against searches of text and e-mail communications by their bosses.

Most of the time when the boss wants to snoop somebody's email account they get it quickly implement TAP and get it done by the IT People and in several cases they don't even keep a log unless the company policy is followed strictly, which is usually not followed.

I still doubt the viability of this ruling because when people join companies and sign the employment contract, it is already mentioned in the contract that employer has full rights to monitor and log all communications done by the employee over the Internet or company PDA / blackberry etc. So ideally companies can easily defend against such counter cases by the employees in the court of law.

One serious drawback about this ruling is that the management and mitigation of Insider Threats, I have been doing a lot of research about detection and mitigation of Insider Threats and there are many things that need to be taken into account to identify the behavior of malicious employees and most of them do include profiling and raise privacy concerns.



Anonymous said...

delete your post employees need to have more privacy like heir boses

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