You wont like it when it comes to an end

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It is very easy to get credit cards details online and abuse them to buy goods, I always recommend people to keep those things and don't use them no matter how they got it, By actually hacking into the server or just getting it from a friend through IRC.

No matter if you have a million credit card numbers with you with CVV and all other details but doing shopping and shipping those items at home is a big mistake you can ever do in your life, it is very easy because first your IP address is logged unless you use a cyber cafe but instead you use a proxy to order items and give correct address of your house. This is called Immaturity and Stupidity.

Recently 3 kids got arrested from Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad. They were no super hackers, they were no smarter than a script kiddies. They got the Credit cards online and used them to buy stuff from ebay with shipping at their home address now of-course they have screwed themselves.

You can read the story here.

Today hacking into systems has become very easy, building online hacker communities are very easy but what is really very critical is to do shady stuff and not get caught or else you will regret this whole of your life.

Ah yes in the End, Doing bad and getting out clean everytime is an Art ;)


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