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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Consider this - Google News snafu leads to airline stock plunge

An error in Google News index service which is fully automatic and no manual labor is involved in screening it. Caused an error due to which a old news (2002 article) was treated as a latest news item and this was included by a investor news service in their daily news letter which said the United Airlines has filed for bankruptcy. Which was a fear in the minds of the investors due to the history of United Airlines.

The Stock of United Airlines fell 75% from $12.30 to less than $3.

A simple flaw in Google news index service caused a lot of pain not only for the company but even for the traders and investors.

Tip: Google news utilizes the Google Indexing Service which surely will be vulnerable to this current flaw and this can be used by SEO enthusiasts to get good placing in the search engine results.

The way Google is coming up with products which are always full of flaws, never polished and quietly labeled "Beta". Google is causing lot of problems for people. Google uses the Crowd Sourcing mentality in which everyone follows one stupid guy and due to one guy everyone suffers. It feels like a Sweet Poison.

Take recent security flaws discovered in Google :
1) Gmail session key hijacking
2) Recent Google Apps outage - 2 Times
3) Random deletion of emails in Gmail going on from long time
4) The famous Google Chrome Browser which is full of vulnerabilities.
5) Google updates Chrome browser without even asking users if they want to upgrade to the latest version. They install it silently.

It has become a Fashion statement to make fun of Microsoft and abuse Bill Gates but they are getting much better than what they were sometime back.

Google created a hype about Chrome Web Browser but it was ripped apart by Security researchers in no time.

Google should stop being irresponsible and take flaws (Security or Non-Security) very seriously.

Google surely has a lot of talented resources at disposal and they should be put to correct work, 20% time is not always a good idea.


Jam said...

that was scary

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