ICICI Bank iMobile banking download stupidity

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ICICI Bank launched iMobile a nice Mobile Banking solution but they have currently stopped distributing it as Mobile Banking guidelines have not been yet setup by the Indian government or RBI.

So when you want to download via SMS
sms iMobile to 5676766
You wil get a reply saying "New Registration for iMobile is on hold till mobile banking guidelines are established."

When you go to ICICI Website to download the Java Application. The website will ask you for the your Make of your Mobile and the Model number but as soon as you click "OK", it shows a message "New Registration for iMobile is on hold till mobile banking guidelines for the banking industry are released. Details of resumption will be put up on our website."

But don't worry if you want to download the application anyway and try it out, here are the download urls for the model and make of your mobile.


Nokia N70, etc




MotoMing- Windows Mobile I Guess

Well they did good job on making the iMobile application but did not do a good job at securing/hiding the download as they just changed the download link to "NotSupported" in Java script which just prints out the message that download is not available.

The download links are still active and with a 5 minutes effort you get the application download links.

ICICI Bank should do better at securing information than relying on "security through obscurity"


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