Phishing Protection in GMail - Red Warning Google

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spam and Phishing attempts can be found in abundance on the internet and here I got one from which originally seems to be coming from IP and the hostname of this IP is veronica and the username is anupam.

So this guy anupam@veronica is an Indian Spammer but anyways the interesting things about the email are :

1) The email was in my spam folder - Good spam detection
2) Phishing attempted detected - SPF is working for me and Google
3) Red Warning label to make me aware that it is a phishing attempt. - New and Nice feature

The red warning does not show up when you receive a spam email but it shows up when an email is being forged and to enable the check your domain must have SPF checking enabled. You can look at my previous post on how to enable SPF for Google Apps.

You can see the screenshot of the new red warning phishing notification from Google.

It is not of great help to the geeks but of course for the normal human beings it is definitely a good feature.


Arn said...

saw your post on digg. google rocks.


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