Updated: Spam and Phishing from India on Rise

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update: Shekhar from www.healthcaremagic.com has written to me regarding their system being abused by a guy who goes by the email address rohit.developer@gmail.com and you can assume they are not the spammers but a mere victims of spamming done by others. you can read his comments here. They have taken some steps to stop this from happening in future.

We have seen lot of spam and phishing incidents on rise and these days particularly from Indians, Many of them have been promoting websites, asking users to activate their HDFC or AXIS Netbanking credentials or asking to validate credit card details!

Here's one I have been getting from a long time from a guy Rohit, his email address is rohit.developer@gmail.com and he always sends emails to join newly launched websites and the subject is every time on lines of referral to join.

As per a Job posting from him, He looks like to be staying in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, You can see his posting below and the url is at humsubka - com

But this spam is coming from GoDaddy Servers and the IP is and currently hosted site on that IP is www.healthcaremagic.com.

The spam emails are being generated from his Website via Tomcat JavaMail and are delivered via GoDaddy Email servers like IP

I suggest everyone to blacklist this guy and block emails originating from any of his domains as well as servers.

I don't want to make my friends happy by joining a fucking Health Website and get more spam.
You can see the freaking invite down there.


Ani said...

Hi Shekar,

Glad to hear from you, I have updated the post and will remove your comment after a few days as it contains your contact details.


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