Hack in The Box Security Conference 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am at Kuala Lumpur and was attending the Hackinthebox Security Conference. Today was the last day of the conference. Meet all the folks with whom i had been talking online, so this was the first time I met lot of them in person. Met a few folks like Jeremiah Grossman and others and oh yes Marcus Ranum too, Marcus did create some controvery with his talk on cyberwar but that was good and worth debating.. infact even I partially agree to what he said. Aha.. How can I forget the Pirate Bay guys.. Those guys rocked.. it was really good listening to what they had gone through and how they challenged the US DMCA and said Screw You in the face to the big Media companies.. I loved that!!! Other than that there was TOOOL's Group LockPick Village, Wireless Village - hacking wireless devices, etc. I wanted to partipate in the CTF or OpenHack but was unable to :( but well better luck next time.. Maybe Next time BlackHAT !!!! .

Oh yes btw, Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city :)



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