Malware protection over the Cloud by McAfee

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Over the Cloud Malware scanning is first from a security company, the credit goes to McAfee, They have been pushing quite hard to get to the top position in the security space and I am pretty much sure they are the first ones to get malware detection over the cloud.

They talked about the over the cloud malware detection a few months back but wow they have delivered it, its out there now.

The Project is named Artemis.

"One of the things Artemis provides to researchers is very clear telemetry on active malware campaigns, and I want to share a few interesting examples. All the “measles maps” below show a one-day period and were all taken at the same time earlier today."

Some other trivia details about Artemis:

  • Queries are not sent for every file, just the suspicious ones.
  • It will probably be invisible in the consumer products. (It’s a special driver.)
  • A query and a response is around 340 bytes.
  • It’s checksum/fingerprint independent, too.
  • Actionable responses are cryptographically strong.
  • Telemetry can be used to prioritize sample processing.
  • Today Artemis should gain about 1.5 million new users.

You can find the blog posting McAfee Security Insights blog and Project Artemis can be found here.


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