Best way to recover Encryption keys or Passwords from Suspects during Digital Forensics Investigation

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is a bit unusual but a very effective way to recover encryption keys or password from a suspect. Does not matter what crime the person has done, Child Porn, Credit Card Theft, Financial Fraud or virtually anything online.
The fraudsters are becoming smart and use multiple ways to hide data and conceal tracks and sometimes it becomes difficult the recover encryption keys from the hard drive or RAM then what do you do ? Beat the shit out of the suspect and let him spit out the Encryption keys and Passwords. This method is very popular in India but not in other coutries like USA, UK,etc.
But it is a very effective solution, This was recently done by Turkish Police and they got all the details from the suspect like encryption keys and passwords, Now the next step is just to get the data out and submit in the court of law.


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