Pakistan says Cyber Terrorists will be hanged

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari signed a law making cyber terror a crime "punishable with death." Executions will only be allowed if the hack attack "causes [the] death of any person," the Prevention of Electronic Crimes law states."

Cybercriminals are always in news over new malware, vulnerabilities, ID Theft or Credit Card Theft. We have enough proof that even terrorists use internet a lot because they can hide anywhere in the world and communicate whatever they want to with each other. For. eq. recent bomb blasts in ahmedabad terrorists sent an email from an Open Wifi connection in mumbai and dared the indian government to stop them and there is very little government can do about in such scenario. But the best way is to react back and hit so hard at such bastards that nobody ever dares to do something like this, government should make sure that they are scared to death even in the dreams. Pakistan got a law in place as now that anybody who causes death by electronic means will be punishable by death, the maximum punishment in India for a Hacker is 3 years and in United States around 20 years and I am not aware of anybody staying behind the bars for that long.

This move from Pakistan was a real shocker but it is welcome as we have seen lot of cyber fights happening and the recent increase in terrorists activity.


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