DoS attack tool now freely availiable

Thursday, December 18, 2008

DoS tools have ideally been closely guarded and keep in the penetration tester's toolbox, you will get some good DoS tools around the internet but not everybody has access to them.

LetDown is a TCP flooder that completes the three-way handshake and sends a requests to the server without closing the connection. LetDown is aimed specifically at pen testers and server owners that want to test the resiliency of their networks against DoS attacks in order to properly configure the rules on resource management on their systems.

Complemento is a collection of tools like domain scanner called Reverse Raider that brute-force scans target subdomains or performs reverse-resolution for IP address ranges, and Httsquash, an HTTP server scanner, banner grabber, and data retriever.

Complemento download link


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