Vulnerabilities in GPS

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A very good paper written by Lieutenant Colonel Thomas K. Adams, US Army, Retired on GPS vulnerabilties can be found here. It is a nice read.

Highlights of the paper:
1) Anybody can use GPS without restrictions.
2) Same technology is being used by military and users.
3) Can yield a lot of information like State, Political movements and quite cheaply.
4) Jamming of GPS devices is easy and very much possible.
5) GPS jammer/spoofer that can render GPS receivers inaccurate within a 10-mile radius can be built for less than $400 from parts available at retail stores.

GPS was the technology used by Pakistan Terrorists(Proved by the world but not accepted by pakistani government) in mumbai attack and I would say Indian government needs to do a lot more to about these technologies like GPS and Google Earth which was also used.

GPS devices are very critical and are being used in High Seas, India should Jam all these technologies from problem creating places and also get critical areas greyed out from Google earth or any such product and not only from Freely availiable versions but even from Paid versions of such softwares.


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