Internet Security by Dual Internet connection

Friday, January 16, 2009

I was reading a blog of a venture capitalist and came across one of his post where he received an email from some guy asking for funding with a great idea that he had. 

The idea was simple, all the traffic that goes out to the internet should be split and sent via two different internet connections. 

I am not sure what experience he has about internet security or networks but these kinds of ideas are very common with kids. 

Check out the Video/ Presentation at youtube by that guy

Some questions that come up to me regarding this idea:

1) CreditCard or banking transactions are done over SSL so the data is not in cleartext

2) When a user is visiting a website he gets a session according to his IP and now if there are 2 IP's that send data to one server what will the server understand? 

3) Who wants an overhead of splitting the packets and sending and again assembling the packet to understand, we anyways have too many things that slowdown our networks like IDS/IPS, etc

3) According to this idea you are not just asking a single company who should do it, you are actually trying to change complete internet architecture. now what kind of idea is that ?

4) Now why will anybody buy your product when current SSL encryption gets the work done.

5) If it would have been feasable big players like Cisco, Juniper would have already done that long back.

Anyways, I don't think  I need to waste my time on this great idea. I will just wait till this guy gets a VC funding and shows me something that really works without any drastic changes.

By the way first post of the year 2009 started off by blasting somebody..

Now thats something bloggers are really good at ;)


Pradeep Reddy said...

I think he is talking Load balancing.

Ani said...

no he is not talking about load balancing.. he is talking about splitting outgoing connections.

like if a user wants to go to, the user will have 2 internet connections with 2 diff. ips and then both the ips will send the packet to half packet from ip1 and other half from ip2.


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